Hat and socks for pulse and temperature monitoring

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 The device is specifically helpful for people who suffer from certain diseases and inflammation so that it could prevent danger at the exact time.

The prototype records user heartbeat and body temperature and send this data to mobile devices. Additionally, if one of these indexes increases hat/socks will warn patient with sound signal.

The device is able to read data like temperature, humidity and heart rate via skin contact, and it could alarm you with audible buzzing sound when a higher heart rate and fever is suffered. It is re-attachable, so you could have it on your clothes, and accessories while maintaining skin contact.

Team: Myrat Atayev, Vasi Mahmudova, Nonduduzo Thandwayinkhosi Simelane, Ulviyya Rahmanova.


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  Ewelina Widerska (Poland Hub)

“This project gave me knowledge, experience which I needed. And also taught me to be brave, patient till the end.”

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