Open Design for Inclusive Neighbourhood Development

Success Story United Kingdom Hub

Getting people together within the community of Somers town/Chalton street to engage and improve their environment, considering the recent rejuvenation of the Kings Cross/Camden area. The premise was to creating an impact on the street to encourage more movement and community congregation and support of one another via creating ‘‘public furniture’’.

Small street models were shown. These were produced so the people of the street could place little concepts in-front of a popular area to visualise what it would look like and if they liked this. These small models were quickly mocked up using CAD but physical models were also used to allow the stakeholders a visual representation of what we are proposing.

Road map: Starting with mind mapping, share first proposals, redefined them. Deciding to design a chair and proceeding to sketch accordingly, scale modelling, final modelling and making.

Team: EDOKI. Project team.


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Matt Malpass (United Kingdom Hub)

“I learned a variety of design methodologies. ”

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