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ZURA is a water pitcher that is usable by people with different dexterity-related difficulties. As basic as it seems, serving water out of a water pitcher can be a demanding task that can’t be fulfilled by many people.

Different potential users have been interviewed and a big variety of dexterity problems related to physical disabilities have been analysed: lack of strength in the hands, ligament stiffness or unintended tremors are some of the causes of those difficulties.

One of the many everyday obstacles that inhabitants of apartments with support for people with physical disabilities face when living an autonomous life is related to serving water without the help of others.

Using polycarbonate as the main material, we achieve a very strong and lightweight design to reduce the weight of the jar, probably the biggest drawback in this type of products.

Team: Uxue Fernandez, Álvaro Alonso & Xabi Motagoitikoa.

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  Rodrigo Martínez (Spain Hub)

“Helping people through a product we have designed makes it much more interesting and motivating than other more academic or theoretical types of projects.”

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