Success Story Italy Hub

NEST-Next Step is a community making space open to everyone, since kids to adults, from beginners to professionals where people could go to learn, create and share.

A place that host events, allow internal production, share knowledge between participants, can become a nest for the nomad making associations that are dispersed through Florence and help to regenerate the place and neighbourhood.

Three areas: event/working room, machinery room and storage room. Everything is totally automatized by using electronic systems to control the use of more professional tools, preventing possible accidents among kids and beginners and making it a self-sufficient 24/7 place with no needs of employees.

Team: Paolo Fabio Ciarfuglia, Edoardo Dalla Mutta, Sophie Defaw, Alessandra Galli, Elisabetta Simone.


“… What you do can make an impact on people’s lives. ”

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