Publications and reports

Activity Reports

D1.2a – Annual Activity Report 2017

D6.1 – Annual Outreach Activities 2017  

D1.2b – Annual Activity Report 2018 

D6.1b – Annual Outreach Activities 2018 

D5.2 – Impact Mid Term Report  

D3.3 – Staff Learning Mobility Report (October 2017)

D3.5 – Enabling the Enablers Report (May 2018) 

D4.2 ODM Trainings (June 2019) 

D4.3 – Mobility report (October 2019) 

D4.1 Enabling Programme Report 

D5.3 Impact FINAL Report

London Co-design Workshop (January 2018)

KoM Report (March 2017)   

Studies, Guidelines and Tools

D3.1 – OD&M Research Report (full version 2017)

D3.4 – OD&M Training Prototypes 

D3.2 – OD&M Learning Framework _ Maker Sheet

D3.6 – OD&M Methodological Guidelines _ Building CoPs



Open Design and Manufacturing through Design Driven Innovation – ITALY

Open Design and Manufacturing through event based learning – POLAND

Citizen centred innovation and design for open and distributed manufacture – UK

Maker Module “Etxegoki Residence Challenge” – SPAIN

D6.3 – OD&M Success stories


Communities of Practice in OD&M – Vincenzo Di Maria, Florence | May 2018

The catalyst agent in OD&M – Giuseppe Lotti, Florence | May 2018

Co-designing the OD&M environment – Matt Malpass, Laura Martelloni, London | January 2018

OD&M @Hangzhou Hackerspace Union Hangzhou, China | October 2017

Co-designing the OD&M trainings Paul Haywood, Florence | March 2017

OD&M Golden Circle Workshop – Florence | March 2017

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