Open Design and Manufacturing trough event based learning

Polish OD&M Training Program

Starts on

9th October 2018

Lasts till

10th March 2019


  • WSB University,
  • Fab Lab Lodz,
  • Lodz University of Technology, Poland


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Creativity and open mind are the features contemporary world is looking for most

The training course is composed by several meetings, hackathons, webinars and lectures, all focused on developing creative and innovative skills used in technical examples if IT world. Each event is performed in the ground of two Polish cities, Dąbrowa Górnicza and Łódź, and supported by mentors originating from them.

Heuristic methods: meetings on 9th and 16th October, conducted by Paweł Sobczak, focusing on first of all, allowing the group of strangers become a group of cooperating friends, and secondly, on providing the group with methods allowing to approach any task in open mind and creative way.

Coding and designing of embedded systems part 1 and 2: lectures on 29th and 30th  October, conducted by Paweł Buchwald, focusing on creating solutions based on HTML forms and JavaScript for control mobile robot platform, and receiving data from telemetry sensors by using ESP8266 hardware platform.

Designing web applications part 1 and 2 lectures on 22nd and 23rd October, conducted by Paweł Buchwald, focusing on acquainting the students of various background (from management, economics, international relations to IT) with elements of preparing website, collect data by using relational databases and PHP language.

Two webinars with Igor Zubrzycki on 14th November 2018: discussing ICT for makers’ movement, recorded version may be viewed hereunder:

The second, introducing rapid prototyping methods; recorded version may be viewed here:

1st hackathon in Lodz University of Technology on 17th November 2018, focusing on Human – Tech interaction – open hardware and robotics in relation of new society connections and challenges.

OD&M students participated in Sumo Challenge 2018; see:

Soft skills workshop with Maciej Witkowski, Prof.: on 3rd December 2018, Students had the opportunity to get familiar with one of the biggest Polish makerspaces with CNCs, 3D printers etc.

They also visited Textilab and familarize with the idea of sewing co-working space. Moreover, they were a part of soft skills workshop entitled “Cultural psychology of interdisciplinary problem solving in heterogeneous task groups of makers “ see more HERE.

1st Webinar with Stanisław Puławski on 14th December 2018 concerning the Internet of Things, introducing this issue, discussing the LoRaWAN infrastructure, the Things network and Business Model Canvas.

Internet of Things - 1

2nd Webinar with Stanisław Puławski on 17th December 2018 also concerning the Internet of Things, but focusing on key partnerships, activities, customer relations, used channels, streams and structure.

Moreover, students were introduced to a backend, cloud part of IoT solutions.

Internet of Things - 2

2nd Hackathon on 12th January 2019 in Technical University in Łódź, concerning on Internet of Things more details at . At first part of hackathon students prepared their first IoT solution based on LoRaWAN and connect their nodes to Our (TUL) backend. At second part of the event students had choice, they could work on:

  • IoT hardware
  • Web application solutions (modify frontend or backend of TUL webapp)
  • Prepare Business Model Canvas and value propositions schema of their ideas based on IoT devices

3rd hackathon on Textronics on 10th March 2019 in Textilab

During this hackaton WSB students used their newly acquired skills on sewing and soldering to prepare 4 prototypes of smart clothes:

  1. Skirt with tilt and pulse sensors designed for eldery women. In case of fall skirt will send information to user and inform people around (with usage of light and sound signals) that this person need help.
  2. Underwear for disable people which is created with usage of heart rate, humidity and temperature sensors sending data to nurse (on mobile or computer) if any of indexes increase.
  3. T-shirt to protect citizens from dangers like: child/women abuse, rape or kidnapping. The prototype is based on temperature sensor, Bluetooth connector, and sound button. In case T-shirt user is in danger and he/she will push sound button and if body temperature will also rise t-shirt will send really loud sound signal and information on 112.
  4. Hat and socks for pulse and temperature monitoring. The prototype will record user heartbeat and body temperature and send this data to mobile devices. Additionally, if one of these indexes will increase hat/socks will warn patient with sound signal.

3 Webinars on Textronics with Grzegorz Belica in February 2019 introducing main ideas of smart clothes, textronics, soldering and sewing on sewing machines.

Technical workshop on Textronics with Grzegorz Belica 9th March 2019 WSB Students had a workshop on sewing and soldering. They prepared a first draft of ideas for Smart Clothes and prepared first elements for their prototypes.

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