Robo Inspector Hackathon by Fundacja FabLab Łódź

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Robo Inspector Hackathon, was the marathon robotics challenge , where the almost 40 young pasionate and students build a robots based on Arduino and Raspberry PI. The challenge based on closed tunel immitaiting a conditions of hard acces spece`s, for example, pipes, channell. During the maraton we build 9 robots! The special guest of Hackathon was Mitch Altman! Open source and open hardware global disseminator, co-founder of Noisebridge hackerspaces.

During this event (between 22 and 24th September) I made a great observation and prototype of education and cooperation formula.

But the most important facts were the little conversation with Mitch about global maker movement and engaging 3 new companies potentially open to next steps on impact in OD&M. I am collecting data in this sense: STMelectronics (module for arduino) The Things Lodz (open IoT community projcect) Gromar (e-learning company) and the At the start of event I said a few words about the basic idea od OD&M.

Grzegorz Belica;

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