OD&M Knowledge Alliance in Shanghai (16-20 October 2017)

A group of 19 OD&M consortium participants attended the “Shanghai Learning Mobility Action” between October 16th and 20th to learn how the situation in China is related to the Maker movement and compare it to the European context.

It was a very interesting mobility action in which the consortium experimented with Chinese culture and was able to learn from the Open approach that they have regarding technology.

During those days the group visited the Fablab Shanghai, the Makerspaces Mushroom Cloud Shanghai and XinChenJian Lab, the Sci-tech City with its institutes, universities and business innovation centres, the Hangzhou Dianzi University Information Engineering School, and in particular a number of labs such as FischerTechnik Machine Innovation Laboratory, Machine Vision Laboratory, CNC Central Laboratory and Mechatronics Laboratory, the XJTLU – Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University, etc.

In the same way, the OD&M Alliance attended a conference organized by the Hackerspace Union of Hangzhou where some partners presented the project.  

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Jornada: El futuro de la educación STEAM: decodificamos el “ADN Maker”

El próximo 26 de octubre con motivo de la European Maker Week y en el marco del proyecto europeo OD&M (Open Design and Manufacturing), tendrá lugar la jornada El futuro de la educación STEAM: decodificamos el “ADN Maker”

Se trata de una jornada donde se debatirá sobre los rasgos característicos del perfil Maker y donde explorara la integración de dichas competencias en los diferentes niveles del sistema educativo. Contaremos con la participación de varios centros educativos y miembros de la comunidad maker que compartirán con nosotros sus opiniones y experiencias, así como su visión del movimiento maker.  Asimismo, tendremos la oportunidad de dialogar en torno a una mesa redonda y de visitar una exposición de proyectos de “estudiantes makers”.

Desde proyecto OP&M creemos que es posible que el “ADN Maker” se extienda y perdure en el tiempo transmitiendolo a futuras generaciones y por eso la Facultad de Ingeniería de la Universidad de Deusto y Tecnalia, dos de los socios en este proyecto, queremos invitarte a participar a este evento.

El aforo es limitado. Confirmación de asistencia en: European Maker Week


Robo Inspector Hackathon by Fundacja FabLab Łódź

Robo Inspector Hackathon, was the marathon robotics challenge , where the almost 40 young pasionate and students build a robots based on Arduino and Raspberry PI. The challenge based on closed tunel immitaiting a conditions of hard acces spece`s, for example, pipes, channell. During the maraton we build 9 robots! The special guest of Hackathon was Mitch Altman! Open source and open hardware global disseminator, co-founder of Noisebridge hackerspaces.

During this event (between 22 and 24th September) I made a great observation and prototype of education and cooperation formula.

But the most important facts were the little conversation with Mitch about global maker movement and engaging 3 new companies potentially open to next steps on impact in OD&M. I am collecting data in this sense: STMelectronics (module for arduino) The Things Lodz (open IoT community projcect) Gromar (e-learning company) and the At the start of event I said a few words about the basic idea od OD&M.

Grzegorz Belica; grzegorz.belica@fablablodz.org

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The technological culture (Spain)

Between the 3rd and the 7th of July CIFCYT (Latin-American Congress of Philosophy of Science and Technology) was held in Salamanca (Spain). With the main theme in this edition of “Scientific culture and Technological culture” more than 300 people attend to the event organized by the University of Salamanca.

Many researchers from different Latin-American countries participated in this congress in different areas related to philosophy. Raúl Tabarés from Tecnalia presented the paper titled “The technological culture in the maker movement”. In this contribution Raúl showed the potential of Makerspaces and DIY (Do It Yourself) philosophies to engage citizens with open technologies and how can innovation culture can be foster in society throughout the values of the maker culture. This approach is related with the axiological dimension of the Maker Movement and lies at the rationale of projects like OD&M.