Big event on makers on the 20 of june in Bruxelles, with the EU commission and  Google, Intel, Wilfried Martens Center .  The event wants to re-create a village with several thematic areas and show how makers can operate in the city of the future.

Some Makers might participate to some of the panel discussions, where a European Commissioner, a Member of the European Parliament , a maker’s expert and a business leader will talk.


Florence – 7-8 March 2017

Among all the activities carried out in this kick-off, it is worth mentioning the realization of a collaborative workshop aimed at building a strategic conversation and exchange among partners around. Following specific objectives:

  • Create a shared vision of interests and expectations with relation to the OD&M project.
  • Understand skills, assets and knowledge already present in our Alliance.
  • Identify potential risks and opportunities stemming from the project.

The workshop has adopted the Golden Circle methodology to facilitate and guide the conversation among partners.

Without a doubt, a good starting point for the project!